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Who is Thrive...

At Thrive, we acquired 10 years of experience one client at a time. Clients like NEI Global, Hudl, Creighton, UNL Athletics, and Alton Brown. We’ve also toured the country coast-to-coast, managing a 30 person crew while setting up for concerts and theater in different cities daily. Diplomacy is crucial when pulling together an event and communicating between a vast range of personalities. This is our strength. We listen to what you’re saying and focus on what you need, whether this is your first event or you’re a veteran planner. We don’t try to sell you on unnecessary extras. From small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we’ve got the know-how and industry connections to design, create, and manage amazing events. With our passion and expertise, expect infinite possibilities, unparalleled events.

Justin is incredibly passionate and hands-on with every part of the planning process. From start to finish he will make sure that every detail is not only complete, but perfect. He is not scared to try new things or take an event to the next level and knows exactly how to make any vision come to life. His creativity and ability is one-of-a-kind!

-Justy Burlington | UNL Alumni Association


 Lincoln, Nebraska



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