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"Justin is an absolute pro! He has been a vital partner for Hudl as we've grown and evolved BreakThrough Summit over the last three years. This year's set for the digital leadership summit was flawless thanks in large part to his humble and wise guidance that's rooted in years and years of experience. I can trust that the production quality is going to go up significantly when Justin is involved and also that he will be a good partner when finding ways to save money is necessary. These are just a few of the reasons why I will keep recommending Thrive for years to come!"

-Emma Husley | Hudl

"Just absolutely stellar event planning. A joy to work with, in all ways. We needed someone who could take a bunch of ideas and a date for a corporate anniversary celebration and just hit the ground running and pull all the pieces together with no fuss, and Justin did that. And he was fantastic at pivoting when we got new information or hit a snag in planning. Justin has all of the attention to detail, vendor relationships, creativity, and experience that you could ever ask for in an event planner. Working with him was fantastic. He truly takes the stress off your plate."

-Dr. Rebecca Firestone | OpenSky Policy Institute

"It might seem odd to go to an event planner like Thrive for assistance planning an event where no one can attend. But Monolith needed a memorable yearend event that was online/remote, fostered a sense of fun and connection and was far from just another Zoom call. Justin not only had big ideas but when it came time to execute them, no detail was too small. Anyone who has ever been in charge of an event knows staying ahead of the details is everything. Justin was ahead of the details the entire time. He understood what it would take for us to have the big ending we needed to cap-off a big year – and he delivered."

-Dany Levy | Monolith Materials

"My colleagues and I at Hudl owe a huge debt of gratitude to Thrive for Justin's role in the planning and execution of an event we held last month. From being an invaluable consultant in important planning decisions to actually attending the event to assist in set-up and tear-down, Justin provided much-needed perspective and expertise that helped us completely transform a corner of our office into a beautifully-lit staging area for our digital summit. Thanks, Justin – can't wait to work with you again!"

-Kevin Buglewicz | Hudl

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Managing Partners

Weddings    |    Reception Dinners
Corporate Luncheons    |    Parties
Seating for 400    |    Full Food & Beverage
4 Unique Spaces    |    Historic Cave Tours
August 2020 - October 2022

Managing Partners

93,000 Sqft Facility
8 Basketball Courts | Supreme Basketball
12 Volleyball Courts | Volleyball Club Nebraska
4,500 Sqft Weight Room    
Expansive Mezzanine | 4,500 Sqft Turf
April 2021 - August 2022
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